Getting Started: How to call the test files in usable order.

Update start with test.cfm ------

  1. Get yourself an account with
  2. Create a list at
  3. add username & password to settings.cfm
  4. include settings.cfm in any test files you create as it provides the apikey for your other calls to the API. Later on I would store the API in a persistent scope or DB.
  5. Edit testBatchSubscriber.cfm and add subscribers to a list.
  6. Create a Campaign on (the interface there is much richer than I could create here on the fly)
  7. Sent the campaign to your test list.

  8. Here is the list of dependencies of various test templates in cluded in the zip file:
    links to testListMembers.cfm, which links to testMemberinfo.cfm

    links to testCampaignStats.cfm (links to testStatsDetails.cfm) & testCampaignContent.cfm

Ralph Lauren UK's Gravatar If anything is missing and you add to it, please share with the rest of us.
# Posted By Ralph Lauren UK | 8/10/12 2:24 AM
Howard Owens's Gravatar Where do I get the test files?
# Posted By Howard Owens | 8/23/16 7:21 PM
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