MailChimp XML output on Click Stats

MailChimp has fixed that the clicked url was missing, unfortunately, however the xml output does not escape & to & so CF xml parser still chokes.

Stay tuned.

Started to post early releases

The API of MailChimp is quite extensive, one of the more comprehensive APIs for e-mail marketing applications.

This project is certainly a work in progress on so many levels. For now it only includes a sub set of method: The most important and the ones, I need for a particular project.

I also make available my test templates so it's easier to find out how it all works without a lot of narrative documentation.

Feel free to send me your requests and changes, once you start using it.

Before you start, get yourself an account at MailChimp and create your campaign. It really might help to be familiar with MailChimp SaaS before integrating it into any of your applications.

.... To be continued.

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